paper and board Coating Products

We thrive to lead the future of packaging.

Nordic Flex has invented and developed a new generation of coating-products. Our team of innovators have used the last years to develop our breakthrough science in polymer dispersion barrier products. Now we can let our innovations in true barrier products start the revolution of sustainability and environment friendliness.

NF DT 25 FO Primers

Universal primer for all kinds of materials

NF DT 1830 Topcoats

In our opinion, the best recyclable, heat sealable barrier dispersion coating in the world

NF Bio 55 Topcoats

Grease and waterproof coating polymer dispersions from BIO- components

NF 400 RF Conductive printable carbon

Carbon paste for electricity conducting needs on all kind of surfaces

NF AI RH 50 Anisotropic coatings

Connective surface for electric components

NF Lubrications

Modified rapeseed lubrication oils and additives for industrial uses

NF Cleaning fluids

Degreasing fluids

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